My Story

I guess in the past I never found what my friends or family would call a “proper job” somewhere I could make a really successful career. First it was fitness in the 80’s influenced by the Jane Fonda phenomenon. Then sales, marketing and hospitality, but it wasn’t until I had my children that I re-discovered what truly in my heart of hearts and I had always enjoyed the most and had naturally always been able to do well. That was being creative.


Living in a chocolate box cottage with a beautiful garden I had ample opportunity to wander and harvest from the countryside. I entertained the children with walks in the woods, collecting, sketching, painting, sticking and spraying. Busily stringing nuts, fruits, seeds, and pinecones to make wonderful decorations. At Christmas time it was truly magical, we carefully chose our tree from a local farm, freshly dug and beautifully formed. Then with our gathered treasure we made garlands for the fireplace, hung wreaths on the doors, decorated the tree and placed our stockings. We of course left the obligatory sherry and mince pie for Santa and a carrot for Rudolph too. I cherish those times but Christmas has captivated me since and led me to the path I follow today. We do things a little differently and I have learned a lot along the way, but still my heart and sole remain firmly embedded in the business and I am as passionate about what I do today as I was at the very beginning.

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Nowadays, I call myself a designer and businesswoman. Having studied floral design, business and with many years of experience behind me, I think I qualify. Instead of my little ones sitting opposite, I have a highly skilled team and a few creative souls like myself. We work tirelessly from a barn in the heart of the countryside producing exquisite hand decorated pieces, bound for some of the finest homes and businesses establishments in the land. Our clients are from all walks of life, industries and cultures. In the business world, we have decorated Museums, Banks, Hotels, Restaurants, Corporate Venues, Churches, Tech Companies, Cambridge Colleges, and more. Our residential clients are just as varied, busy families, celebrities, high-flying, time short professionals, sporting aces, actors, even a Countess and others who don’t have an artistic bone in their body, but want a beautiful home for the arrival of family and friends or for a party. Some are retired, no longer wishing to risk injury, others value their free time, preferring to do other things. One thing is for sure, whatever your reasons for sourcing a Christmas decorator, we will be really delighted to help you and will treat each and every customer with the same enthusiasm, integrity and passion to create your perfect Christmas.

Our Credentials

Ipaf Licensed

Health & Safety Policy

Fully Insured

The Environment

We love our world so we recycle wherever possible.

Card and paper, batteries, fresh trees, and greenery are all recycled.

We only use low energy LED Christmas lights selected for longevity, reliability & safety.

10 Years plus experience in our business